Operations Manager:

August Utility Department (AUD) Sewer Assessment & Cleaning.

-Responsible for coordinating all cleaning of manholes and sewer lines for owner and subcontractors (cleaning and CCTV crews).

–Hiring new employees and directing while maintain work schedules in the various departments (UV Lining, plumbing (including stores/restaurants grease traps).


Project Manager:

Memphis Sewer Assessment & Rehabilitation Program SARP 10. Sewer System Evaluation (SSES).

-Responsible for review, directing of crews and contractor’s procedures in all surveys: pipeline; smoke test (281,138LF); and manhole (4735); deliverables.

-Oversee and train PCI crews in cleaning (Vacs) techniques as it applies to CCTV surveys.

-Surveyed over 337,000 LF. of sewer lines using Cobra equipment and software.


Project Manager:

Gwinnett County Sewer System, (SSES).

-Responsible for training operators and back-men (Technician 3) on the procedures in surveying storm pipelines.

–Surveyed over 69,110 LF. using Granite software and CUES equipment.



Atlanta Clean Water Project, (SSES).

-Surveyed over 83,600 LF. using CUES equipment and Granite software.

-Conducted over 87 Manhole surveys using CUES Pole Camera.