Survey Engineering:


DeKalb County Watershed Management (DWM)

-Code currently over 4,740 Manhole surveys using MACP 7.0 

-Review over 1.8 million LF sewer pipeline surveys using PACP 7.0 

-Prepare deliverables (Data, Video, and Picture) for owner and customer.


Survey Engineering:

New Orleans Department of Public Works (DPW) Drainage Systems, (SSES).

-Review and code sewer pipelines surveys using WinCan software.

-Prepare deliverables for owner and customer.

-Train operators, back-man, and cleaning crews on survey procedures using EnviroSight equipment, WinCan software, and RedZone Robotic equipment and software.


Survey Engineering:

-Review PACP and MACP coding and video’s using Granite, Cobra, and WinCan software.